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Our furry friends are very important to us, so we formulated a leading daily health Full Spectrum CBD Oil for pets. From aiding in various pet ailments, including but not limited to parvo, tumors, mobility issues, assisting aging gracefully, mammal born diseases and more, this Full Spectrum Hemp blend has proven to be a leading supplement for pets. Our Phytonutrient rich Pet CBD Oil blend is One™ to rely on. Bring your pet to a normal homeostasis balance today.  This sublingual comes in a 1oz (30ML) dropper bottle containing 330mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Cannabinoids in a MCT Coconut carrier oil.

This natural supplement works with the endocannabinoid receptors already in every cell membrane of the body.


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Full Spectrum CBD Oils for Dogs & Cats

One™ Hemp Oils presents One™ Pet Oils a leading Full Spectrum MCT Coconut Oil sublingual for Dogs & Cats.  Formulated by expert veterinarians in ISO certified labs, this product lives up to it’s name.  View our CBD Dosage chart to see how to administer sublinguals to your pets.  This American Made Sublingual features the following ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, Phyto-Nutrient Rich Full Spectrum Hemp oil.  All products are 3rd party tested for maximum quality control to ensure our furry friends only receive the best.

Aids with:

  • Decreases joint degeneration and arthritis, increases mobility
  • Relieves anxiety, restlessness, and muscle soreness
  • Reduces pain and inflamation
  • Offers gastrointestinal support for ulcers, IBS, inflammation, diarrhea
  • Helps improve appetite
  • Improves the nervous system by lessening anxiety, tension and pain
  • Helps reduce seizures
  • Improves immunity by supporting the body’s natural defense system,
  • including allergies

Important: Consult with your veterinarian
prior to starting new treatments as CBD can
affect the liver metabolism of other drugs such as anti-inflammatories.


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3 reviews for Full Spectrum Pet PCR Oil

  1. Sarah Gebhardt

    Amazing Product! This oil did wonders for my dog with parvo. The vet said I should put her down once she was diagnosed, clenched jaw, not eating or drinking. I put my faith into this oil and administered a heavy dose or full dropper of this oil. After she woke up the next day, my puppy was moving around again and consuming foods and liquids. Now she’s on a daily regime and is doing wonderful! Thank you sooo much!!!

  2. Terry Roenker

    My boy was always 9 to 10 lbs….and was wasting away before my eyes, started with sneezing after a dental surgery, that would have him doing face plants into whatever he was standing on, Vet stated, that the dental procedure would have nothing to do with that. I asked what about the tube you put down his nose? Was again told no. He was losing his fur on the right side, stated vaccinosis, from vaccines, Q…who would give vaccines less than 1/2 inch from the spine? Deep V shaped oozing holes in his side that looked like a pizza with the cheese stripped off. Reminded me of my friend who had been badly burned.., Vet had him on Antiobiotics for 86 days, 1500 mg of fish oil daily, allergy meds and medicated baths…. i stopped all meds after a year .as was down to 6 lbs….and was told by specialty vet that now batteling auto immune triggered by all the meds… weak, no energy…wasting away, depressed. Was told when a pup had luxitating patela of right rear knee which had never bothered him. THE WEAKER HE GOT, the more he quit using the leg…for past year would put no weight on the leg… told about this CBD oil… i was desperate…i went and listened to what was recommended..he looked up the dose, also suggested the balm…Oh My Goodness…if I had not watched it happen, i would not have believed it. 3 days later, my boy had energy, was trying to play… was running to the door. In less that a week he came to me and stood on hind legs with front paws on my leg…he had not put full body weight on that leg for over 1.5 years….one of the best things i saw was .his eyes, they were bright, clear, and happy….i was going through photos. .and noticed how just a few months ago how drawn and sad he looked, and now i can see nothing but improvement…he is sassy, and getting back to his ….I am the BOSS…attitude. I am so VERY Grateful i found out about CBD oil. I truly believe it has saved my Finnigan. Wish i could post pictures i have taken since the beginning of his illness, and the way he looks and acts now… thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Terry Roenker

    Had i not witnessed my 7.5 lb dog go from, no energy, always scratching, would put no weight on back leg… I never would have believed it. Had been on many different meds that started with a dental procedure to losing fur on one side of his body, looking like a terrible oozing burn with deep V shaped craters…to now putting weight on back leg after three days on CBD oil… His whole attitude has went from depressed and sad, and now back to “I am the BOSS”,.His face is no longer drawn in pain. Thank you….for saving my boy.

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